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Sending Tips

The Basics…

Step 1. Login to your account

Step 2. Choose the place 

You can search by name, filter by category, otherwise your feed will have the places closest to
you. Tap the place to view the staff.

Step 2. Choose who you want to tip

Here you have two options: 
View ALL Staff – Here you can choose from one or more people to split the tip between 
View TEAMS – Here you can select a curated Team such as “Kitchen” to tip the whole team. 

Once you have selected who you want to tip, tap the continue bar at the bottom of the screen

Step 3. Choose how much you want to tip

Select an amount you would like the total of the tip to me. If you have chosen to tip multiple people, or a team, you will be able to see how much each person receives from the split tip

Step 4. Add something nice

You can tap the emoji or message icon to add one of either. Keep in mind whatever you choose here will be going to everyone who receives the tip. If you would prefer to say different things to different people, you can just send multiple tips, in fact we recommend it! 

Step 5. Choose payment method 

– If you have enough in your wallet, payment will automatically come from your wallet. 
– If the tip is less than $10 and you don’t have enough in your wallet, you will be charged $10  
   from whichever card you tap to choose. The remaining balance will go into your wallet.
– If you have some available funds in the wallet to use for this tip, you will see it in the carousel.
Tap to add it to the available balance, and then choose your card to make the remaining payment required.
Swipe to send tip, and you’re done! 
You can view the tips you have sent in your inbox. You will be notified when someone responds
to your tips.


We would love if you told us the places you want to have on board! Click here to tell us which are your favourite places.

To add a new card: 

 1. When logged in, click your profile in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
 2. Click add new card
 3. Enter new card details and follow the prompts.
 4. Your card will be charged an authorisation amount between $1-2 which must be entered correctly to complete the process. You may need to view the transaction history of the card to find the correct amount. 
5. Once authorised you can use this card to send tips.  

To remove a card:  

 1. When logged in, click your profile in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
 2. Swipe left on the card you’d like to remove, and tap the red delete button.

Every time you send a tip it will appear in your tip-box, which is the centre tab at the bottom of the screen. Each tip will show whether you paid with credit card or from your wallet. 

Every time someone responds to a tip you sent, you will be able to click into the tip to see what they’ve said.

If you have sent a tip to multiple people, each individual will have an entry in your tip-box so you can view responses from each person individually. 


To ensure we keep our rates down for the hard working people on Satisfy, we insist on a minimum credit card transaction of $10. Every time you want to send a tip smaller than $10, the remaining will be added to your wallet. If you have enough in your wallet to send a tip, it will automatically be selected as the default payment method. Likewise, if there are funds in the wallet that can be added to any tip, this option will be available.

You can view your wallet balance at any time in your profile. 

As a work user who receives tips, the tips you receive will be available in your wallet until your tips are deposited into your account every Monday.

In the very unlikely circumstance that you have any issues with any user, you can tap the 3 dots next to their name either in your tip history or work inbox to reveal block or report options. You can manage blocked users from your Profile settings. If you report a user we may get in touch to investigate further.

Make the most of Satisfy…

Of course. While viewing ALL staff you can select as many people as you want to split the tip between. Keep in mind that whatever emoji or compliment you choose will be sent to every user within the tip, so you may prefer to send multiple tips to different people, if you want to thank them for different things.

Teams are created by the business manager to help you as a customer reward the people that made your experience a good one. You may find team names like, Kitchen, Front Bar, Baristas, Weekend etc. You can view who is within a team by clicking the three dots on the team. You can also use teams as a way to find who you are looking for, for example you could find the Head Chef in the Kitchen team rather than looking through all staff.

Just send different tips! It’s what we find most exciting about Satisfy is that you get to say thanks to different people in different ways. You can send a good tip to your waiter for giving great service, and then give a different tip to the kitchen team for creating an amazing meal. A lot more is possible with Satisfy.

I’m having troubles…

You can tip as small as $1, however we have a minimum credit card transaction of $10. Every time you need to send a tip smaller than $10 and if you don’t have enough in your wallet, we will charge you $10 and add the remaining to your wallet. Any remaining balance can be added or used for other tips.

Unfortunately not. Unless you can prove you have had unauthorised access to your account, and also followed all of our Terms of Service, payments are non-refundable.

This is to protect the safety of our users. We aim to add more features focusing around connecting people, however for now, enjoy the selection of emojis and compliments we are constantly updating for you to say thanks in many ways.

We’re here to help, just Send Us A Message!

Receiving Tips

If you work in a place that receives tips, like a cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel, resort, pub, club etc then all we need to do is get your boss on board. You can tell them to visit to learn more about it, otherwise tell us their email ( and we can get in touch with them for you.

If they are already on board with it, then check out the next question below.  

You will receive a notification when WORK mode is available. Toggle here at anytime to view any tips you’ve received, and your weekly total. If you have multiple jobs you can swipe between the jobs to view the tips you’ve received in each place. 

Once logged in, head to your profile. Tap ‘Add Job’. Search the name of the business you work for, or use their address. Tap on the business, confirm that you work there. That’s it! Your boss will need to verify you work there, so if they somehow miss the reminder we sent them, feel free to give them your own friendly reminder to get you on board.

Once you have WORK mode activated, you can view your tips. Click on a new tip to view more details. From here you can tap one of two emoji responses, as well as write one message back to show your appreciation.

Sure, here’s how we came up with 7.5%. We figured if we charge customers fees, they will be less likely to tip you. If we charge your boss a fee, they probably won’t get on board. So we figured, what’s the lowest we can charge you so we get to provide an incredible service to your customers, and offer a brand new way for you to get properly rewarded for your hard work. We also thought, 7.5% is a lot cheaper than sharing your tips with everyone else, or not receiving them at all (rolls eyes at business owners keeping tips to themselves).

Sure can, just swipe between them at the top of WORK mode. You will see Total tips earned at that job, and as you swipe, the feed will populate with the most recent tips from whichever job you choose.

As long as you have accurate bank account details entered, your tips will be sent to you every Monday morning. If for whatever reason you didn’t receive your tips, please do the following:

1. Double check your bank account details are correct. 

2. If you have not been asked to enter your bank account details yet, please click the notifications bell icon at the top right hand corner of home screen and scroll down until you see the notification where your boss invited/accepted you. If you click on this you will be asked to enter your bank details and TFN. 

Once you have ensured your bank details are correct, any missed payment will be sent to you on the following Monday. It is possible if you entered incorrect bank details that your WORK balance will show its been cleared. As long as that amount bounces back, you will still get the correct amount the following Monday. If the above doesn’t work, Send Us A Message.

As long as you don’t make your customers feel obliged to give you a tip, then tell them however you like. We think the best way, is to just tell them what’s possible! If you’re a waiter and you think they’ve enjoyed themselves, just tell them “Hey did you know there is a new app where you can tip the kitchen staff directly if you enjoyed your meal?” Maybe they won’t tip you this time, maybe they will, but the more people that find out about it, the more people will find out about it, and the more people will start to tip you on Satisfy.

If your boss has run out of promotional stuff like tip jar plaques and app cards, just Send Us A Message and ask for more. We can send as much as you think you need. 

You sure can. As long as you have tips in your balance from this week, your wallet will show that amount. You can use your tips to tip other people, and share the love. Remember, Monday morning is when your tips will be sent to you, so your wallet will then be emptied to zero and you will have to pay from your credit card.

We’re here to help, just Send Us A Message!

For Business

I’m new to this…

Well, just quietly. It’s 100% FREE, and super easy for you to get setup. We send you endless promotional material too so your staff feel supported to use it. Visit Satisfy For Business to find out more.

How exciting! We are so keen to change the way legends like you make a living. If you are accepted as a busker on Satisfy, we will set you up quite nicely to earn tips doing what you love. Just Send Us A Message to start the conversation.

We don’t really have a limit, but for now let’s assume places like this:

Fast Food
& whatever else people can imagine…  

If you want to find out whether you should jump on or not, just Send Us A Message. 

I’m already on Satisfy for Business…

Firstly, all staff should receive a staff invite card that we have provided to you.

To invite a new staff member: 

1. Login to your Satisfy dashboard at 
2. Click Add Professional 
3. Enter staff member details. (If you’re unsure about their nickname, just put their first name, they can change this later)  
4. Click Send Invite The staff member will receive a notification on the Satisfy app if they have it downloaded, as well as an email inviting them to join your business. 

To approve a staff join request:

1. Login to your Satisfy dashboard at
2. All pending staff members will show a purple status showing VERIFYING. Under Actions, click to Edit this Professional.
3. Edit their status to Approved.
4. They will receive a notification telling them they have been approved.

To remove staff: 

1. Login to your Satisfy dashboard at
2. Under Actions click Delete on any staff you would like removed. 

To temporarily disable staff: 

1. Login to your Satisfy dashboard at
2. Click to Edit the staff member.
3. Change their status to Disabled


We will provide you with as much promotional material as you need. You can put the tip jar plaques on any current tip jars you’ve already got, and put the app cards near it. You can put the app cards on tables, or slip them inside the bill.

If you send an email asking your customers for a Trip Advisor review or similar, then you can also add an extra message letting your customers know they can tip anyone on Satisfy that made their experience extra special.

Send Us A Message if you want any support in doing any of the above! We’re here to help.

Teams are all about helping your customers identify who they want to tip. The best way to break it down in restaurants for example is to split it into bar, kitchen, waitstaff and management. This way if the food is great, they can tip the kitchen team. Great cocktail? They can tip the bar team if they didn’t know who made it.

For your business, if you want suggestions as to what teams you could create, just Send Us A Message.

  1. Login to
  2. Select Teams on left menu
  3. Create Team
  4. Select Members
    – You can also add an individual to a team in Professionals View.

We’re here to help, just Send Us A Message!